Down the hill

Not far from the apartment is Montmartre’s red light area – Boulevard de Clichy is lined both sides with sex shops and night clubs, including of course the Moulin Rouge. Curiosity took us to the Musee de l’Erotisme, an eclectic collection of objects and images from every culture across the ages. It includes some very amusing cartoons and some laughable 1930s pornographic silent movies.


The bike and pedestrian way in the middle of Boulevard de Clichy is typically Parisian and quite lovely, full of dog walkers, African nannies with their white charges and various people just whiling away the time.


Coming back up the hill, we stopped off at Amelie’s cafe for a coffee and a cliched photograph. I suspect the locals regard us tourists with barely concealed disdain.



This morning early I walked back up to Sacre-Coeur to see how it looked in sunlight and without the hordes of tourists. This is much the best time to go.



2 comments on “Down the hill

  1. Janice Long says:

    Hi Helen & Alan – loving your blog. Remembered the name of the restaurant in Montmartre – “A Zebra in Montmarte”, although it may not be there now. How is Alan’s hip coping with Abesses metro? Going green with envy – but so glad you both are enjoying it all. Lots of love Janice

  2. helensue says:

    Hi Janice
    Glad you like it. Thanks for the restaurant tip – will keep an eye out. What was the name of the street where you stayed? Alan is coping pretty well. Funnily enough we haven’t yet used the Metro at Abbesses – we generally go down to Blanche.
    H xx

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